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Blockchain/DLT & Business Model Innovation 4 Youth Climate Action - Bonn May 2018 (2)

SBI 48 official Side Event

Blockchain Technology & Business Model Innovation

for Enhanced Youth Engagement in Climate Action


Date:       Saturday 5th of  May 2018, 11:30 - 13:00

Room:    Kaminzimmer, World Conference Center Bonn

The climate crisis can be a great opportunity for job creation and economic empowerment for young people based on Agenda2030 social entrepreneurship business models enabled by blockchain technology/Distributed Ledger Technologies and sustainable digital finance. The side event will showcase avenues towards harnessing these potentials. 


-       Miroslav Polzer, IAAI GloCha

-       Alexey Shadrin, Russian Carbon Fund, DAO IPCI & Evercity

-       Matteo Landi, UNIDOProductive Work for Youth unit (video message) 

-       Matthias Gelbert, NewEra

         Joseph Robertson, Citizens' Climate Lobby & Citizens Climate Engagement Network


-       Alexandra Lutz, CliMates


-       International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges (IAAI)

-       Union of Public Organizations "Russian Environmental Congress" (REC) / Russian Carbon Fund

Live and on demand Webcast: (list of all side events and respective live and on demand video links), link to our event: 

Related Information:

-       UNFCCC newsroom article

-       Climate Chain Coalition

-       UNIDO & IAAI & UN Habitat Workshop on "Youth Engagement in Agenda2030 Action through Blockchain Technology and Digital Social Currencies"

-       UNIDO & UN DESA (& IAAI) Workshop on "Social Entrepreneurship for the SDGs with Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies" at the UN HQ in NYC

-       IAAI & REC COP23 Exhibit Poster "Blockchain Technology for Climate Action"

Forthcoming Events:

-       UNFCCC SB48 Press Conference "Blockchain/DLT for climate action III - Climate Chain Coalition" 5th May 2018, 2 PM, Press Conference Room Nairobi 4, World Conference Center Bonn, Live webcast:

IAAI & UNIDO Workshop "Blockchain Technology for Sustainable Energy Entrepreneurship", Tuesday 15th May 2018, 09.00-12.00 AM, Vienna International Center, to register please visit:

IAAI GloCha Key Initiatives

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