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Further Information about IAAI (2007 - 2010)

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“International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges IAAI” is a not-for profit private association, which has been established under Austrian law of associations by an international group of scientists and science managers in April 2007 in Bled/Slovenia (at “Bled Forum on Europe Foresight conference 2007”

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Main purpose of IAAI is to be the carrier or implementing organization for the “Global Challenges World Cup / Climate Protection World Cup”. In the bylaws the formulation of the purpose of IAAI is defined as follows:

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Art. 2 Purposes of the Association

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(1) The Association is a non-profit making organisation
(2) The Association shall have the following purposes:
-Promotion of international Cooperation in Science, Technology, Innovation, Development Cooperation, Politics, Culture, Economy, Sports with the aim to contribute to the work of the United Nations system and other national and international actors working for the public wellbeing.
-To promote and co-ordinate globally the discussion and exchange of ideas and results regarding innovative approaches to global challenges

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President of IAAI is Mr, Jerome C. Glenn, director of Millennium Futures Studies Project of World Federation of UN Associations WFUNA

IAAI Board Members (from right: Ana Jakil, deputy secretary general; Jerome C. Glenn, president; Blaž Golob, vice president and treasurer; Miroslav Polzer, secretary general
IAAI Bank Account (opened July 2009):
Account holder: IAAI-Vienna-Ljubljana
Bank name: Posojilnica-Bank Pliberk /Kreditbank Bleiburg
Account number (IBAN): AT19 3911 7010 0712 1411
The work of all IAAI members is being done on a honorary basis.

Further information/documents:

- List of IAAI board members (as of March 12 2010)

- 2nd General Assembly of IAAI 2010 (March 12 2010)

- List of IAAI founding members and board members (as of March 3 2007)
- Photos of the inaugurational General Assembly and board members
(Bled/Slovenia,March 3 2007) (photo 1, photo 2)
- Bylaws of the IAAI association (in German)
- Bylaws of the IAAI association (English translation)
- Letter of confirmation of establishment of IAAI by Austrian public authorities
- Information about IAAI in Austrian Central Register of Associations


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