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About IAAI

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International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges - is a not-for profit private association, which has been established under Austrian law of associations by an international group of scientists, science managers and futures studies experts in April 2007. IAAI seat is in Klagenfurt/Austria. IAAI main objective is to explore and promote systemic innovation regarding resource mobilization of global civil society for effective global governance in support of the work of United Nation System.

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Key initiatives of IAAI are:

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Rio+20 Global Youth Music Contest (basic idea: youth participation in global governance, global community building and youth empowerment through music; more info:

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Rio+20 issues Cluster on Innovation (networking of and policy coordination of global civil society experts on innovation in the run-up of United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (so called Rio+20) and in the context of implementation of Rio+20 outcomes; more info:

15/15/15 United Nations Civil Society Resource Mobilization Partnership Voluntary Committment and 15/15/15 Global Civil Society Resource Mobilization Alliance (ReMA); more info:

Global Challenges Centers - local multistakeholder partnerships for sustainable development linked among themselves and with UN system through a shared vision (15/15/15), a global documentation system for multistakeholder efforts towards sustainable development and competitions (Global Challenges World Cup/Global Challenges Urban Games, forthcoming; some ideas on potential form and function of Global Challenges in Southeast Europe can be found here )

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For more info see IAAI Annual Report 2011

IAAI is UN Academic Impact Member


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Rio+20 Global Youth Music Contest

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GloCha Cluster on UN, Innovation and Youth