Context and Aims of the Side Event

The world needs bold new ideas for a climate safe future and leadership of people and institutions who are driving science and technology based transformative global change towards agreed upon visions of a desirable future. This side events delivers both:

  1. A new big story – a positive narrative of all of society climate action empowerment with culture, education, creativity, open innovation and technology (#DigitalArt4Climate) as well as  
  2. A community of global common good oriented leaders (technology solution providers as well as users, researchers and regulators of technology) that is delivering concrete results in technology enabled citizens and youth climate action empowerment in the context of UN goals and programs (#GloCha #Blockchain4Climate)

At the side event, we will present

  • Our plans for a DigitalArt4Climate COP28 edition,
  • The Citizens and Youth Climate Action empowerment partnership of GloCha and Climate Chain Coalition
  • Our plan for a COP28 Blue zone Digital Innovation/Blockchain4Climate pavilion,
  • Launch a call for Expressions of Interest for partners to our GloCha DigitalArt4Climate CoCreating the Future festival in Austria 28th May – 3rd of June 2023,
  • Present our EU INTERREG project initiatives JET4CE (Just Energy Transition in Central Europe) and Citizen Climate SI-AT and their youth climate action empowerment (challenges mapping/citizen science and individual climate action dashboard) app modules
  • CoCreation Hubs for climate action learning and digital skills development which will be presented for the first time during the UAE's biggest tech event in the run-up to COP28, GITEX Impact and is supposed to be replicated in schools and youth centres around the world after COP28.

This side event sheds light on the game-changing potentials of blockchain technology as an enabler of all of society action for climate empowerment and local SDGs implementation with a focus on creative economy and youth.

The side event will showcase concrete cases in which blockchain-based solutions drive action for climate and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) implementation:

ContactMiroslav Polzer, IAAI GloCha, www.glocha.infopolzer@glocha.info