GloCha (Global Challenges) is a network of individuals and organizations that seek to promote sustainable development and global cooperation to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges. GloCha is founded on the belief that the key to creating a sustainable future is collaboration and engagement between different stakeholders, including governments, civil society, private sector actors, and academia.

The GloCha network aims to mobilize and engage people in concrete actions to address global challenges such as poverty, climate change, and inequality. It focuses on creating synergies between different actors, promoting innovation and knowledge-sharing, and building capacity to tackle these challenges effectively.

One of the core activities of GloCha is the development of the GloCha Global Youth Advocacy Toolkit, which is designed to help young people develop the skills and knowledge they need to become effective advocates for sustainable development. The toolkit provides practical guidance on how to engage in advocacy activities and how to collaborate with different stakeholders to achieve common goals.

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