GloCha is a network of individuals and organizations that work together to promote sustainable development and global cooperation to address the world’s most pressing challenges. The GloCha network operates on the belief that collaboration and engagement between different stakeholders, including governments, civil society, private sector actors, and academia, are key to creating a sustainable future.

The GloCha network focuses on creating synergies between different actors, promoting innovation and knowledge-sharing, and building capacity to tackle global challenges effectively. The network’s activities range from advocacy and awareness-raising campaigns to training and capacity-building initiatives, conferences, and partnerships.

One of the most significant contributions of the GloCha network is the development of the GloCha Global Youth Advocacy Toolkit. This toolkit provides practical guidance for young people to become effective advocates for sustainable development and climate action. The toolkit includes resources on advocacy strategies, stakeholder engagement, and effective communication.

The GloCha network also hosts various events and initiatives to promote knowledge-sharing and capacity-building for sustainable development. For example, the GloCha Conference Series brings together experts and practitioners from around the world to discuss critical global challenges and identify innovative solutions. The GloCha Youth Summit provides a platform for young people to engage in dialogue with policymakers and other stakeholders on issues related to sustainable development and climate action.

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