• GloCha promotes inclusive and sustainable economic growth through its work on SDG 10 (reduced inequalities). It encourages collaboration between different stakeholders to address issues of inequality, including gender and income disparities.
  • GloCha supports sustainable cities and communities through its work on SDG 11. It advocates for the use of renewable energy, sustainable transportation, and green infrastructure to create resilient and livable cities.
  • GloCha works to combat climate change and its impacts through its efforts to achieve SDG 13. It promotes climate-smart agriculture, renewable energy, and sustainable land use practices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase resilience to climate impacts.
  • GloCha promotes partnerships for the goals, SDG 17, by working with a wide range of stakeholders, including governments, civil society organizations, and the private sector, to achieve sustainable development. It recognizes that no one organization or sector can achieve the SDGs alone and that collaboration is crucial for success.
  • GloCha places a strong emphasis on youth empowerment and engagement, recognizing the critical role that young people play in achieving the SDGs. It provides training and capacity-building opportunities for youth to become effective advocates for sustainable development and climate action.

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