The JETforCE project (“Just Energy Transition for Central Europe”) has just been launched with funding provided by the INTERREG Central Europe program of the EU. JETforCE promises to revolutionize the way in which youth and citizens get engaged in policy design, investment and action plan development of just energy transition programs on local and regional level. IAAI-GloCha is leading within JET4CE the development of the digital Challenges Mapping citizens engagement tool/app, which is a cutting-edge blockchain-based digital solution that will make engagement more accessible and efficient. With this new technology, it will be easier for public authorities, young people, citizens and other stakeholders to connect, share ideas, specify actionable and measurable challenges, and take in meaningful and rewarding manner action on issues that matter to them. The JETforCE project is a significant step forward in improving civic participation and ensuring that everyone has a voice in shaping the future. Watch out for updates on JETforCE project, on the IAAI homepage and follow the hashtag #JETforCE

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