Hossein Hassani

Dr. Hassani’s extensive background in academia and international organization makes his experience unique. After earning his PhD, he spent several years working in academia, holding various positions from Lecturer to Director of a Research Center in different countries.

Dr. Hassani has established himself as a leader in the scientific community, ranking among the top 1% of scientists globally according to the 2022 ranking. He has received widespread recognition for his groundbreaking research and contributions, demonstrating his commitment to advancing the scientific community. Through his extensive experience and innovative approach, Dr. Hassani has contributed to the growth and development of the scientific community with his invaluable research.

He has published over 200 peer-reviewed articles and written seven books, which have earned recognition and media coverage worldwide. His work has been highly cited and he has received numerous awards, including the Chinese Academy of Science ward, in recognition of his exceptional achievements.

Dr. Hassani’s dedication to mentoring and supporting young researchers, particularly in the developing world, is a testament to his commitment to advancing knowledge in the various industry. He has supervised many PhD students globally, and has spoken at Youth related events.