Global Challenges World Cup – Climate Protection World Cup

International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges IAAI, an private not-for-profit international association with headquarter in Vienna/Austria has developed the concept for a „Global Challenges World Cup – Climate Protection World Cup“, an innovative system of global civil society cooperation aiming at mobilizing in an unprecedented dimension resources (both intellectual as well as financial) in support of the work and goals of United Nations focusing on innovative knowledge management of global civil society (especially also scientists), innovative philanthropic engagement in light of the giant global challenges (especially climate change) the world is facing today.


The question is: Could the knowledge, the work force and financial resources of global civil society be organized in a coherent way that will complement and support the work of public authorities and especially technologies United Nations in order to come to more effective responses to global challenges?

The answer is: Yes, we can!

Ideas/Actions/projects//innovative-business models/public management innovations/other social innovations etc. identified as “examples of very good practice” by the Global Challenges World Cup and then replicated hundred, thousand or hundreds of thousand times around the world can make a difference and the challenge is to identify them and to award them, make them visible and replicable.

(Miroslav Polzer, “Blueprint for a Knowledge and Philanthropy Driven Global Civil Society Reform”, Vienna-Ljubljana December 30 2008, p. 3) 


The “Global Challenges World Cup” concept has been developed further by the end of 2008 into a “Blueprint for a Knowledge and Philanthropy Driven Global Civil Society Reform” has been presented to relevant stakeholders from UN system, global Civil society organizations and research and higher education institutions at “World Civic Forum 2009 “ in  Seoul/Korea in May 2009.



Once we make the Copernican turn regarding the perception of the role of global civil society related to global challenges, putting global citizens and global civil society in the center of the deliberations (and not national governments and International Organisations), hundreds of new possible activities/interventions emerge that have huge potentials to make global governance more effective. 

For further information please read the article writen by Dr. Miroslav Polzer “Blueprint for a Knowledge and Philanthropy driven Global Civil Society reform” („The GloCha system“) – pdf

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