Side Event on ‘Global Civil Society Mobilization’ of IAAI at Rio+20 Preparatory meeting in New York


International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges IAAI  is organizing 

Second Intersessional Meeting, New York, 15 – 16 December 2011 a joint Side Event on “Mobilizing Civil Society for Sustainable Development and Rio+20 & The Special Role of Youth”, Thursday 15 December 1:15-2:45, Conference Room E, North Lawn Building, UN Headquarter, New York


Thematic Focus of the Side Event and Contribution to UNCSD/Rio+20


With the side event ‘Mobilizing Civil Society for Sustainable Development and Rio+20 & The Special Role of Youth’ the organizers want to draw attention of the UNCSD/Rio+20 preparatory process on the need for systemic global governance innovation and a broad multi-stakeholder partnership vision of a renewed UN led sustainable development governance system – shared and nurtured by global civil society and especially global youth. Global Sustainable development governance needs to be linked up more directly with global citizens, and to reach the so called ‘man, woman and child on the street’. Rio+20 and the new Institutional Framework for Sustainable Development have to aim at linking conceptually UN led global sustainable development efforts with individual everyday lifestyle, consumption and resource sharing decisions of 7 billion global citizens. If Rio+20 succeeds in this respect it has the potential to become a landmark event in United Nations Intellectual History (see  for more info).



Chantal line Carpentier, Major Groups Programme Coordinator, UNCSD Secretariat

Innovations in Civil Society Participation in Rio+20 preparatory process

Aron Belinky or/and Iara Pietricovsky, Brazilian Rio+20 Civil Society Facilitating Committee, Sao Paulo/Brazil

Rio+20 and Civil Society in Brazil

Tara DePorte, Founder and Exec Director of The Human Impacts Institute

MobilizeUS! Mobilizing (young) Americans to be active on the Rio+20 process.

Lisinka Ulatowska, World Citizens Action

Campaigning for a Global Commons Focus at Rio+20

Caroline Howe, Consultant, Climate Change & Youth Participation at UNICEF

Involving children in building the future we want

Ivana Savić, UNCSD Major Group for Children and Youth organizing partner, Belgrade/Serbia

Rights of the Child and the Need for Effective Global Governance and Future oriented Sharing of Resources

Jean Paul Brice Affana, Rio+20 Global Youth Music Contest coordinator, UNFCCC Youth Focal Point 2011, African Youth Initiative on Climate Change, Yaoundé/Cameroon 

Youth as agents of (global) change – The “Rio+20 Global Youth Music Contest”

Brian Kaufmann, The Sounding Board, Boston, Coordinator of Rio+20 GYMC in US 

Mobilizing, Youth, Local Communities and Entertainment Industries for Rio+20 – Rio+20 GYMC in Boston

Valerie Gamache, Shockra Entertainment Ltd, Brooklyn

Partnering with Music Stars and Celebrities for Rio+20


 Miroslav Polzer, International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges IAAI, Klagenfurt/Austria

The ‘Rio+20 15/15/15 UN Civil Society Partnership formula’- 15 billion €, 15 million volunteers for UN led global/local sustainable development efforts by the year 2015 – IAAI input to Rio+20 Outcome document consultation

 For more details regarding the 2nd INtersessional Meeting of Rio+20/UNCSD see and

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