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GYMC15 upload12AugCfMlogo

Submit Your Music Video Clip on
“Youth and Climate Change Action”
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About GYMC15

The Global Challenges Youth Music Contest (GYMC) is an online music video competition for young people organized by International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches (IAAI), a Civil Society Organization based in Klagenfurt/Austria in cooperation with UNESCO Management of Social Transformation (MOST) programme, UNFCCC Climate Secretariat and other partners.

The overall objective of the Global Challenges Youth Music Contest is to use the power of music to promote the understanding of the importance of global challenges – like e.g. climate change – for every global citizen and to engage young people in activities that contribute to global and local public good in the context of goals and programs of United Nations system.

With the 2015 edition of Global Challenges Youth Music Contest (#GYMC15) the organizers aim to

  • Communicate the topics of the World Climate Conference UNFCCC COP21 which will be held in Paris in December 2015 to young people through peer communication (= “informal global citizenship education”)
  • Create and spread positive messages about youth led climate action
  • Promote low-carbon lifestyles and ‚think global – act local‘ values and action
  • Show to policymakers that young people demand strong global cooperation and bold action on climate change

The 2015 Global Challenges Youth Music Contest consists of 2 main parts:

  • the online competition which will identify 2 GYMC15 winners (one identified via online voting and one by a jury set up by GYMC partners) and
  • a series of events at COP21 (on COP21 Young and Future Generations day 3rd of December and on 7th of December) in which the GYMC15 winners will present their songs and messages on youth and good bonus is a discount on erectile dysfunction generic drugs and climate change to a global audience in an entertaining format.

(Note: despite great efforts by IAAI and all its GYMC15 partners, it will not be possible to realize the globally broadcasted TV Show at UNESCO headquarters during COP21 due to resource constraints and insurmountable organizational challenges. As we are 100 % convinced that such global challenges communication format is needed for successful work of United Nations system, we will try to realize the initial concept as soon as possible with another round of GYMC)

GYMC15 initiative has been certified by the authorities of COP21 host country France as a ‘COP21 certified project‘ which is authorised to use the official COP21 logo (see image below)

logo cop 21 carr


There will be 2 GYMC15 winners (one identified via online voting and one by a jury set up by GYMC partners).

Each of the 2 winners will receive

  • a Round trip ticket for 1 person for participation in COP21 World Climate Conference in Paris, France in December 2015 and the opportunity to participate in the GYMC events on 3rd of December (or/and 7th of December) to present their music and story on youth and climate change to a global audience
  • a GYMC15 Winner Certificate and Trophy and
  • a cash prize of 500 € 

Eligibility Criteria

  • the age limit for participants is 35 years (older team members, like e.g. teachers, social workers, partners from entertainment sector etc., are welcome, too but the main creative work has to be contributed by team members below the age limit of 35 years)
  • Entrants must own all content (song, video and all parts of the content), or must have secured all necessary rights from any relevant third parties with respect to such content they upload
  • Only songs that are original in all respects are eligible to participate. No cover versions!
  • Songs that have been submitted to other online music video competitions (e.g. Rio+20 GYMC) are eligible for participation in GYMC15 unless they have already won an award in any international competition

GYMC15 Timeline

  • 12th August 2015: Start of the competition with uploading on
  • 22nd October 2015: end of submission phase
  • 23rd October: internal jury presents list of preselected GYMC15 participants & start of online voting phase
  • 23rd October – 5th of November online and jury voting
  • 6th of November 2015 public announcement of the 2 winners
  • 3rd of December, presentation of the 2 GYMC winners at COP21 Young and Future Generations Day
  • 7th of December, UNESCO pavilion at COP21, participation of GYMC winners in UNESCO event on Youth, Music, Arts and Climate Change 

GYMC Contest Quality Criteria

2015 GYMC entries pre-selection (identifying participants of the online and jury voting by 23rd of October) will be accomplished by IAAI team members and cooperation partners and guided by following considerations (no appeals possible):

  •          creativity: is the story of the song innovative and compelling for a global audience 
  •          knowledge and action: does the song help explain to a broad audience what climate change is, why it is important for young people and why global and local collaborative action are needed
  •          power of music: does the music touch the heart
  •          celebrating diversity: does the entry contribute to geographic, cultural etc. diversity of GYMC
  •         does the submission fulfill the above stated elegibility criteria (e.g. orginality of the music, youth dimension, thematic link to climate change, ..)

 Good Luck and a great “Thank You!” to all who will submit their artwork!

 The World needs Your Music!

submit here:

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