#GiveYouthaChance #GloCha Resource Mobilization for Youth Empowerment

IAAI GloCha COP21 mini side event “#GiveYouthaChance – Resource Mobilization for Youth Climate Action”


Jean Paul Brice Affana, AVD & CCNY & IAAI
Mohammed Bakhrieba, Call of Culture
Miroslav Polzer, IAAI & GloCha Foundation New York

7 December 2015, 10 AM, COP21 Conference venue, Le Bourget/France


Young people have great potentials for addressing global challenges – especially the climate change challege – with more determination and more efficiently than past and present generations of policy makers, academics, civil society and business leaders. GloCha #GiveYouthaChance campaign aims to use the social energy of United Nations Climate Change Conference COP21 to provide resource mobilization for leadrership of young people in global challenges action. We are invited to act as GloCha angels – as guardians of the earth who care and share resources with young and future generations. If we answer this call, than there is hope – hope for global youth, hope for the global climate change negotiations and hope for world peace. And hope inspires an avalanche of positive action and trust and with millions of people taking small steps we can create a better world. Funding mobilized with #GiveYouthaChance will be used in equal parts for – Organization of Global Challenges Youth Music Contest 2016 – Setting up of a prototypes of Global Challenges Youth and ICT Centers in Ghana, Burkina Faso, Turkey and China in the context of UNFCCC Technology Facilitation Mechanism You are invited to show to the world that You care! #GiveYouthaChance

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