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Blockchain for Youth Climate Action – IAAI GloCha COP23 exhibit booth


Nov 9, 2017


IAAI is hosting together with Union of Public Organizations “Russian Environmental Congress” (REC) an exhibit booth on the topic “Blockchain Technology for Climate Action” (further information as well as the posters can be found on https://seors.unfccc.int/seors/reports/exhibits_list.html?session_id=COP23)

The posters as well as our partners have been presented at a UNFCCC COP23 press conference on 7th November (link to video on demand: https://unfccc.cloud.streamworld.de/webcast/blockchain-for-enhanced-climate-action-ii)




cop23 poster blockchain4climateaction 3 GloCha

cop23 poster blockchain4climateaction 2 DAO IPCI

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