Davos 2018 Networking Meeting Blockchain for Climate Action and Climate Finance



organized by

IAAI www.glocha.info

in cooperation with

  • Climate Chain Coalition – an open global initiative to support Distributed Ledger Technology for Climate
  • Blockchain Climate Network (BCN)
  • CryptoHQ
  • et al.


There is growing recognition of the fact that blockchain technology in general and crypto finance innovation in particular are holding enormous potentials for enhanced climate action (see for example a UNFCCC article published recently: https://cop23.unfccc.int/news/un-supports-blockchain-technology-for-climate-action).

But for technical solutions to be impactful on global scale, different stakeholders, like ICT experts, academics, entrepreneurs, social impact investors, regulators etc. need to work together and develop accompanying business and governance innovations – cross-sectoral networking and coordination is needed!

Aims of the networking meeting:

  1. informing participants of the World Economic Forum 2018 as well as participants of blockchain events in Davos (e.g. CryptoHQ https://cryptohq.global/ and FutureHack @ Davos2018 https://futurehack.io/) about recent development in the field of blockchain for climate action and
  2. growing the professional networks in the field of blockchain/distributed ledger technologies and climate action/climate finance

Agenda (tentative)

  1. welcome Miroslav Polzer (IAAI GloCha) and Ari Eisenstat (Moeda.in; moderator)
  2. Tour de table (including virtual participants via google hanngout)
  3. thematic introductions by representatives of
  • the Climate Chain Coalition
  • the Blockchain Climate Network
  1. discussion:

       possibility of a blockchain for climate action event in the context of the California Global Climate Action Summithttps://globalclimateactionsummit.org/ in San Francisco in September 2018

       planning coordinated activities for UNFCCC SBI48 (April 30 – May 10th 2018 in Bonn) and COP24 (Katowice/Poland) et al.

       envisioning joint project initiatives

Virtual participation: google hangout live webcast https://youtu.be/ieO9pwspSsQ

for active participation please request for google hangout participation link to polzer@glocha.info


Climate Chain Coalition is an open global initiative to support Distributed Ledger Technology for Climate. During the One Planet Summit on December 12, 2017 in Paris France (the 2nd anniversary of the Paris Agreement), a multi-stakeholder group of 25 organizations working on distributed ledger technology (DLT, i.e. blockchain) held a meeting to agree to collaborate and establish an open global initiative called the Climate Chain Coalition (CCC). DLT and related digital solutions (e.g. IoT, big data) can enhance MRV and help mobilize climate finance to scale climate actions for mitigation and adaptation. The CCC mission is to advance collaboration among members working on issues of common interest, and to help enhance the environmental integrity and results of DLT applications for climate. The CCC membership agreed on shared principles and values to facilitate and guide activities for capacity building, networking, research, governance, demonstrations and pilot projects. New members are welcome to join this open initiative and contribute to the transition to a climate-resilient economy aligned with the Paris Agreement.

The Blockchain for Climate Network (BCN) is an international network of experts working at the intersection of Blockchain technology and climate change. We share the common vision to promote the widespread deployment of Blockchain and emerging digital technologies for enhanced climate actions by non-state actors. The Network will achieve this vision by:

       Raising awareness about the potentials of Blockchain technology for climate actions within the UNFCCC process and beyond; and

       Bringing together stakeholders including Blockchain technology experts, policy–makers, civil society, financiers, and climate change professionals.

The BCN represents an enhancement of a number of joint initiatives, starting with the International Core Group on Blockchain Climate Finance, created by Alastair Marke in early 2017. Comprising around 50 experts from 20 countries, the Group has produced the world’s first book marrying the concept of Blockchain and climate change actions—“Transforming Climate Finance & Green Investment with Blockchains, which will be released in early 2018.

The International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges (IAAI)www.glocha.info – is a United Nations (UNFCCC, UN ECOSOC, GCF) accredited civil society organization registered in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee in Austria. IAAI’s field of expertise is the combination of social and technological innovation for youth focused multistakeholder engagement in sustainable development action in the context of United Nations goals and programs with a particular focus on Climate Action. IAAI’s flagship initiatives are the global challenges action multistakeholder partnership GloCha and the Global Challenges Youth Music Contest. Since IAAI has recognized the gamechanging potentials of blockchain technologies for coordination and incentivization of multistakeholder climate action in the year 2016, IAAI engages in networking all relevant stakeholders and in resource mobilization for the development of an open source global blockchain technology based information and communication technology infrastructure that facilitate non-state actors engagement in the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

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photo: Ari Eisenstat (Moeda.in), Miroslav Polzer (IAAI GloCha) and Massamba Thioye (UNFCCC secretariat) at COP23 blockchain for climate action exhibit booth

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