#GCAS2018 Blockchain for Climate Action Event in San Francisco

CCC GCAS eventlogo eventbrite

CCC GCAS eventlogo eventbrite

Workshop and Public Event

Cooperation and Resource Mobilization for 

Blockchain Technology for Enhanced Climate Action

Date: Tuesday 11th September 2018, 1 – 5 PM (Workshop) and 6 – 9 PM (Public Event/Outreach)

Venue: Galvanize, 44 Tehama St., San Francisco, CA

organized by

as official affiliate event of the California Global Climate Action Summit 

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hosted by

OpenAustrialogo in the context of the Austrian EU Presidency 2018/II Logo eu2018at red blue 4C


in cooperation with

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About the event:

Digital innovation and especially Distributed ledger technology (blockchain) can be very important enablers of enhanced climate action.

DLT and blockchain could:

  • strengthen monitoring, reporting and verification of the impacts of climate action
  • improve transparency, traceability and cost-effectiveness of climate action
  • build trust among climate actors
  • make incentive mechanisms for climate action accessible to the poorest
  • support mobilization of green finance.

To encourage exploration and eventual use of this technology in support of climate action, the UN Climate Change secretariat initiated and facilitated the creation of the Climate Chain Coalition. (see https://unfccc.int/news/un-supports-blockchain-technology-for-climate-action for more details) In light of the importance of the California Global Climate Action Summit for the implementation of the Paris Agreement and in order to tap into the unique innovation and technology development potentials of California, the Climate Chain Coalition is organizing workshops and a public networking event in the context of GCAS2018 to facilitate broad collaboration among all relevant stakeholders and in order to galvanize financial as well as intellectual resource mobilization for the creation of the technological infrastructure for multi-stakeholder engagement in climate action

Draft Agenda – Venue: Galvanize, 44 Tehama St, San Francisco, CA (floor plan

Part I – CCC Working Meetings:

Time: 1 PM – 5 PM  Meeting Room:  Speakeasy

Tentative Workshop Agenda:

Opening messages (5 minutes)

Roundtable introductions (20 minutes)

CCC organization update and Q&A (15 minutes)

CCC member presentations (see below time allotted)

Presentation of the GloCha (Youth) Climate Entrepreneurship / Agenda2030 Marketplace initiative (certifying and trading climate action impact with blockchain technology and SDGs metrics) with a video message from UNIDO HQ in Vienna (15 minutes)

Discussion on blockchain & the Non-State Actors Zone for Climate Action information system (20 minutes)

Presentation of the City Climate Olympics initiative (gamification of climate action & blockchain/IoT) (10 minutes) – Video conference connection with Complexity Science Hub/ETH Zürich workshop participants in Vienna (10 minutes)

Development of a list of priority social impact investment opportunities and philanthropy engagement opportunities in preparation of the GloCha GCAS affiliate event „Climate Action Philanthropy Meeting“ at the Bay Aquarium on 14th September (20 minutes)

CCC team meetings (30 minute breakout groups + 30 minutes report back with Q&A Discussion)

additional proposals from CCC members


Part II – Public Event/Outreach/Networking/Reception

Time: 6 PM – 9 PM  Meeting Room:  Townhall

Opening Session (20 minutes)

  • Welcome by CCC co-chairs Tom Baumann and Massamba Thioye
  • Welcome by the hosts and sponsors of the event: Open Austria SF /Austrian EU presidency 2018 (additional sponsors to be confirmed)
  • Welcome by Canada’s Climate Change Ambassador Patricia Fuller (to be confirmed)

Thematic I – UN Global Climate Action Agenda (20 minutes)

Massamba Thioye, UNFCCC – How Blockchain can support climate action by non-Party Stakeholders

Thematic II – Climate Chain Coalition (15 minutes)

Tom Baumann, CCC – Presentation of the Climate Chain Coalition

Thematic III – Climate and Digital Innovations Good Practice Cases (45 minutes)

Good Practice Cases (from CCC members and event partners)

Thematic IV – Resource Mobilization for Blockchain for Enhanced Climate Action

Presentation and discussion on resource mobilization for blockchain for enhanced climate action (20 minutes) – Miroslav Polzer, IAAI Klagenfurt, Ari Eisenstat, GloCha Foundation New York Inc., John R Seydel, Turner Foundation Inc. (tbc), et al.


Networking Reception




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