Youth Creating Global Change – A Celebration with Music, Message and Action at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco (2)

CallforApplications PerformanceatGloChaGCAS2018 GraceCathedralevent flyer

We – the global challenges action network GloCha – believe in the power of music and we believe in the great potentials of young people to help the world master the global climate change crisis.

Therefore we are organizing in the context of the California Global Climate Action summit 2018 the „Youth Creating Global Change“ celebration at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco on 13th September 2018 7.00-9.00 PM PST – a climate awareness concert which shall build momentum for enhanced climate action for and with everybody!et Your ticket here: 

The event is being presented by IAAI – the International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges, a UN accredited not-for-profit civil society organization which is based in Austria in collaboration with the Ghiberti Center for Culture at Grace Cathedral and other partners (who will be presented together with further event details on 1st September 2018). The producer of the event is the GloCha Global Challenges Foundation New York Inc, a 501c3 public charity organization which serves as the secretariat and joint program implementation body of the GloCha partnership

The event aims:

  • To showcase music (videos as well as live performances) which inspires, supports and energizes efforts for the global common good (and espcially climate action, like the California Global Climate Action Summit
  • To give a stage and audience for stories of youth led civic engagement and action for people and planet
  • To promote  a culture of low-carbon lifestyles 
  • To present technological and institutional solutions for youth empowerment for climate action 

A key element of the event will be the presentation and discussion of  music as a means to inspire and mobilize society for enhanced climate action.

Your opportunity to get Your music heard by the world!


  • You are using Your own music (own lyrics and songs) to communicate climate change and the need for enhanced action on sustainable development and climate, and
  • if it is possible for You to come to San Francisco on Your own budget and
  • with a low carbon footprint

then we kindly invite You to apply to perform live at our event!

CallforApplications PerformanceatGloChaGCAS2018 GraceCathedralevent flyer

Please fill in the following form (  with information about you/Your band, Your story and a link to a video of one of Your recent performances and your agreement to provide us the permission from you and other potential copyright holders of  the presented artwork, that we (the event organizers) are given the right to videorecord your performance and to use the recording live and on demand in all media.

The event organizers will select between 3 and 5 artists/bands/groups and send them a notification by 1st of September with the offer to perform live at the 13th September event at Grace cathderal.

The selection process will consider criteria like quality of the performance, attractiveness of the story of the song/the artists, carbon footprint of participation, etc.

Note: The offer to perform at the event does not imply any financial responsibilities of the event organizer towards the performing artists.

Some other highlights of the event:


The concluding highlight of the event will be the launch of the 2019 edition of the Global Challenges Youth Music Contest 

Tickets for the event are available via eventbrite:

Contact: Miroslav Polzer, executive secretary IAAI and member of the board of directors of GloCha Fdt NY, polzer(at), Tel.: 646 627 6408 and Ari Eisenstat, Ari.eisenstat(at)  610308 6022

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