Envisioning a People’s COP – Innovation for Non State Actors Climate Action Webinar 8th of June 2020



Registration: https://yale.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0pf-uoqz4tHdX_EF4QQOm7xhtTQfP-wzlp  


Youth/Fridays for Future, people on the street demand effective global climate action. We see a paradigm shift  in global climate action collaboration with national governments now welcoming non-state actors’ climate action in the UNFCCC process/Paris Agreement. Disruptive COVID19 circumstances and postponed government focused COP26 gives us a chance to reimagine the way we organize global climate talks and explore new avenues for coordination and incentivization of multistakeholder climate action. New technologies (e.g. blockchain) enable the global community to deploy new solutions for meaningful and rewarding engagement of all societal stakeholders. 

We need ambitious climate action now! Let’s be creative – let’s collaborate! #RaceToZero #ActionNow


The proposed format involves a roundtable style ideation panel and discussion/stakeholder consultation with an Open Climate Dialogue soon after. This means panelists, as subject-domain experts, will speak and present ideas and challenges (around 5 min each) and then all panelists will discuss the many thoughts contributed for around 15 minutes. Finally, the floor or breakout rooms are open in order for audience/community participation in the idea generation process.

Tentative Schedule:

6:00 – 6:05   Welcome message by the organizers

6:05 – 6:10   –  Angel HsuData Driven Labs (Yale-NUS) – Context I: Status quo of global non-state actors’ climate action

6:106.15   –   European Commission – Context II: European Climate Pact – EU’s non-state actors’ Engagement Innovation

6:15 – 7.00   Flash presentation of initiatives, ideas and plans by panelists: members of the Digital Innovation Community (DICO), Education, Communication & Outreach Stakeholders Community (ECOS), youth (YOUNGO) and local governments & municipal authorities (LGMA) constituencies in the context of the UNFCCC process

     Miroslav Polzer, IAAIGloCha, Dig. Innov. Comm. (COP26 Digital Pavilion, Digital Pact, Music, Gamification)

     Martin Wainstein, Yale Open Lab (Climate CollabathonClimate Action Tracking and Accounting)

     Tom Baumann, Climate Chain CoalitionD2I2 Data & Digital Innovation Infrastructure

     Anita Mujumdar, Evercity – CCC Finance team – Digital Finance

     Mark McCaffrey, Education, Communication & Outreach Stakeholders Community #Learn4Climate

     Marie Claire Graf, Swiss youth delegate to the UNFCCC process, YOUNGO focal point

     Yunus Arikan, ICLEILocal government and municipal authorities (LGMA) focal point

     UN Climate Change or/and COP26 presidency reflections

7:00 -7:15    Facilitated discussion and interactive ideation with Q&A via text from audience

7:15 – 7:50   Open Climate Dialogue in break out rooms (speakers gather ideas and comments from the general audience)

7:50 – 8.00   Final announcements, summaries and next steps.



  • Miroslav Polzer, executive director of IAAI, Klagenfurt (Austria), polzer (at) glocha.info &
  • Martin Wainstein, Yale Open Lab – Open Climate Collabathon https://www.collabathon.openclimate.earth, martin.wainstein (at) yale.edu

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