IAAI GloCha suggests Global Digital Climate Action Pact to UNFCCC


IAAI GloCha made in February 2020 a submission to the UNFCCC consultation on the future of the Action for Climate Empowerment programme.


The main message of our submission has been that the level of aspiration for multistakeholder climate action empowerment should be to get everyone engaged and that a platform and standards for individual climate action pacts shall be developed (in coopertaion with European Union which has introduced a European Climate Pact as their public sector innovation for multistakeholder engagement in climate action) with the help of digital innovation.

The full submission can be wound here: https://www4.unfccc.int/sites/SubmissionsStaging/Documents/202002151605—IAAI_GloCha_DigitalInnovationCommunity_submission_UNFCCC_FutureofACE_ActionforClimateEmpowerment_Feb2020.pdf

Link to UNFCCC consultations submission portal: https://www4.unfccc.int/sites/submissionsstaging/Pages/Home.aspx


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