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DC General tweet partners
DC General tweet partners
IAAI GloCha Side event: With blockchain technology and digital innovation towards climate neutral cities and citizens
Date: Thursday, 22 October
Time: 6:00-7:30 PM (Paris/Bonn time)

event description and outcomes

The science is clear: we are in a climate crisis and a swift and deep transformation to low and zero carbon societies is urgently needed – a transition that has for cities many co-benefits in terms of resilience, quality of life, health,cohesion etc. To achieve the goal of climate neutrality, many cities have declared climate neutrality goals, but too often such goals don’t translate into political support and action of all relevant stakeholders and impact on the necessary scale. With this digital innovation workshop, the organizers – IAAI GloCha www.glocha.info in cooperation with the Climate Chain Coalition www.climatechaincoalition.io, the leading global expert network on blockchain technology for climate action – convey the message that blockchain technology and digital innovation can be key enablers of programs towards climate neutral cities with fully engaged citizens (background info: https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/index.php?page=view&type=20000&nr=7095&menu=2993). Speakers will showcase digital innovation tools in the fields of data collection, citizen science, resource mobilization (digital municipal bonds) and gamification.

Based on the interactive discussion in the workshop we plan to outline a cooperation strategy between IAAI GloCha, the Climate Chain Coalition, ICLEI, daring cities and other climate action innovation champions (like youth networks) with concrete pilot projects and resource mobilization plans.

Run of show

  • Thematic Introduction by Miroslav Polzer IAAI GloCha, Yunus Arikan ICLEI and Tom Baumann (Climate Chain Coalition – CCC): 10 minutes
  • Context setting: Talieh Wögerbauer, Austrian Ministry of Climate Action & UN CC ambassador for Action for Climate Empowerment
  • Solution 1: Alexey Shadrin, Evercity.io & CCC – Digital Municipal Green Bonds (5 minutes)
  • Solution 2: Vienna Looi and Miroslav Polzer (IAAI GloCha) – Individual Climate Action dashboard and citizens digital climate action finance platform and app
  • Solution 3: Martin Wainstein (Yale Open Innovation Lab – Open Climate Collabathon) – Climate Action Tracking and Accounting
  • Solution 4: Alexandre Caldas, UN Environment & Doug Ragan (UN Habitat) – Citizens Science & World Environment Situation Room
  • Breakout sessions around the 4 solutions (30 minutes)
  • Returning to joint session – reporting back from solutions breakout sessions and outlining a collaboration action plan including #PeoplesCOP,European Climate Pact, COP26, ..: 25 minutes
  • Closing remarks


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