DigitalArt4Climate Designathon 19 – 29 July 2021

Why a Designathon?- Crowdsourcing Design and Software Solutions

In order to design the DigitalArt4Climate initiative’s front-end solutions in a time efficient and attractive manner, the DigitalArt4Climate consortium decided to invite the „crowd“ of designers, software and game developers to help design (1) the user experience (UX)/user interface (UI) of the DigitalArt4Climate platform and app as well as (2) outlines of software solutions for a DigitalArt4Climate marketplace.

Organizer and Partners:

The designathon is being organized by the Austria based UN accredited civil society organization International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges IAAI GloCha in partnership with the UN Habitat Youth Programme (=Lead UN Partner of the initiative), Unique Network NFT Platform (Tech Partner), Exquisite Workers (Creative Community Partner), Hubzine Italy and Social Alpha Foundation.

Designathon Target Group/Envisaged Profile of the Participants:

  • UX UI designer, web designer, digital market place designer, game developer, ..

(no specific knowledge on blockchain needed!)

  • individuals and teams


Participants will be mentored

Aims of the Designathon:   

  • Finding UX/UI (User experience/User interface) design solutions (the “look and feel” and ideas for gamification) for the DigitalArt4Climate digital collectibles/NFTs platform and app for the engagement of artists, collectors, local and global climate action communities and the wider public
  • Outline of software solutions for a #DigitalArt4Climate marketplace for digital art collectibles/NFTs trading, which is envisaged as some kind of foundation for a future Action for Climate Empowerment resource mobilization marketplace on which different types of contributions to local and global climate action empowerment (art, ideas, funding, volunteering, etc.) as well as verified climate action outcomes/impact will be presented and traded as unique digital collectibles/NFTs, thus enabling new forms of innovative climate related social entrepreneurship (link to a video on demand of the first presentation of the DigitalArt4Climate initiative and the DigitalArt4Climate marketplace vision on 4th of June 2021 in the context of the World Environment Day 2021: The marketplace is going to be built on the backend of the technical ecosystem of the Unique network NFT platform for the Polkadot and Kusama proof-of-stake blockchain ecosystem, which has an extraordinary small carbon footprint compared to proof-of-work blockchains which have an unacceptable high carbon footprint

forming a community of design and software solutions providers, who will work with the #DigitalArt4Climate consortium on implementation of the identified solutions and designs 


19 JulyLaunch Event (Presentation of the initiative and its partners, Presentation of mentors, Presentation of challenges and expected outcomes, Group formation, Organizational guidelines, Communication/Discord channel,  ..)
23, 26 and 28th of JulyCheckpoint 23 July – Presentation of Basic idea to mentors, feed-back Checkpoint 26 July – Planning the format of the outcome and its presentation Checkpoint 28 July – Draft presentation
29 JulyPresentation of solutions and voting by Jury (comprised of DigitalArt4Climate consortium members)
12 AugustPresentation of the winners to the wider public in the context of the Launch of the DigitalArt4Climate Art Competition
30 September(Virtual) Participation of Designathon participants in the DigitalArt4Climate edutainment show in Milan/Italy (in the context of the Pre-COP youth event of the Italian co-presidency of the UN Climate Change conference COP26)


  • Monetary: 500 € for the best design solutions and 500 € for the best software solution
  • Non-monetary: (1) participation in DigitalArt4Climate designathon award ceremony on 12th of August which will be held in the context of the launch of the DigitalArt4Climate Competition Call for Art and potentially also participation in future DigitalArt4Climate edutainment shows and (2) opportunity to work with DigitalArt4Climate consortium (especially Unique Network tech team on the implementation of the winning solutions and potential employment opportunities)


Designathon Communication: Discord (link will be shared upon completed registration)


Video on demand of the presentation of the DigitalArt4Climate initiative 4th of June 2021 in the context of the World Environment Day 2021:

DigitalArt4Climate presentation in the context of the UN High Level Political Forum 2021 

Example of very successful digital art auction in support of climate action, organized by Open Earth Foundation and Social Alpha Foundation in March 2021: CarbonDrop

Example of GloCha Digital Collectible/Cryptostamp: – Basics about NFT Marketplace – White Label Suite

To see the features and capabilities of unique network explore open source white.label here:

Plus our growing ecosystem of Marketplaces built with the White Label Suite.

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