“International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges IAAI” is a not-for profit private association, which has been established under Austrian law of associations by an international group of scientists and science managers in April 2007.


Systemic Innovation regarding Resource Mobilization of Global Civil Society for Effective Global Governance in Support of the Work of United Nation System.


One of the main purposes of IAAI is to become the carrier or implementing organization for the “Global Challenges World Cup / Climate Protection World Cup”. IAAI with its  GloCha centers network system will focus on mobilization of intellectual and financial resources of global civil society for addressing global challenges (like sustainable development, climate change adaptation etc.) in partnership with other stakeholders (governments, local and regional authorities, business sector, philanthropy/foundations, Diaspora communities; individuals etc.) developing RTDI governance innovations. 


IAAI plans to establish a network of GloCha Centers as a global initiative.  The GloCha centers network management concept is “Management by shared vision, trust, financial transparency, common performance information system and long-time accountability”.

Key elements of the evolving GloCha center network system are:

  1. a vision on collaborative wealth generation based on shared (global) social responsibility
  2. decentralized open innovation and collaboration processes for knowledge based sustainable development wealth generation/accumulation (= “sustainable development (global) commons growth”)         
  3. global citizenship ethics
  4. new global commons concepts
  5. new wealth indicators (which can document the contribution of science and education to sustainable development)
  6. common financial and impact assessment reporting information system as the elements providing cohesion amondifferent GloCha systems elements

IAAI Global Challenges (GloCha) initiatives

 Further Information:

IAAI is UN Academic Impact Member

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