Global Challenges World Cup SEE Project Idea presented at „First Alliance of Civilizations’ South East European Conference“ in Sarajevo, December 14th 2009


Based on the initiative “350 Climate Protection Song World Cup” that has been launched these days, the outline for a “regional SEE climate protection song world cup” with schools from all countries  in Southeast Europe has been developed by IAAI and presented successfully at the workshop „Engaging Youth in Change“ of „First Alliance of Civilizations’ South East European Conference in Sarajevo, December 14th 2009.

The initiative has been proposed to be included in the future regional SEE Plan of Action of Alliance of Civilizations for 2010-2012 implementing the Regional Strategy adopted and presented at the conference by ministers of foreigh affairs of the region.

The rationale of the initiative is that the view on common global challenges and the challenges of the future can bring people together, strengthen global identity layers and transcend national, ethnic or/and religious divides. 
In later stages other forms of regional „Global Challenges World Cup“ initiatives can be launched like e.g. essay competitions, best global social responsibility of school projects etc.

With such activities creative potentials of youth from SEE region could be harnessed for the good of global community for addressing global challenges. This would be a communication channel of the youth of SEE to the world which would give them a sense of empowerment that they can play a positive role in the world and that their knowledge and skills are appreciated in the world.

Contact: Miroslav Polzer,

Further Information (pdf)


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