Announcement of the Winners of Rio+20 Global Youth Music Contest

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Here Comes the Heartpower for Rio+20 –

Announcement of the Winners of Rio+20 Global Youth Music Contest!

Rio+20 Global Youth Music Contest invited young people from around the world to participate in Rio+20 by singing of their visions of a sustainable world in the context of United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development logofinal

313 songs have been submitted by young artists from 40 countries.

19 March till 18 May 2012 there has been going on an online voting with more than 200.000 visitors at the voting page

As the voting phase has been successfully completed we are now delighted to present to you the winners of Rio+20 Global Youth Music Contest:

       The winner in the category “Young (up to 15 years) – who is also the overall winner of Rio+20 Global Youth Music Contest with a total of 44.251 votes – is the Choir Santo Amaro de Oeiras from Portugal with the Song “Meu Planeta Azul” (My Blue Planet)

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–        The winner in the category „Young“ are Milena Paraschiv and Radu Popescu from Romania with the song “Open Your Eyes”


In addition to the official Rio+20 GYMC/IAAI winners,identified by global online voting, some additional entries have been acknowledged by Rio+20 GYMC implementation partner Global Rockstar (responsible for GYMC management of entries and voting) with Global Rockstar Jury Awards (see for details).

The winners of GYMC will perform in Rio de Janeiro 19 June 2012 at opening session of the Rio+20 conference “Choosing Our Future: Open and Participatory Sustainable Development Governance” and there will be probably some more public appearances of the winners and meetings with Rio+20 secretariat staff, UN system officials and member states delegations in order to fulfill the vision and mission of Rio+20 Global Youth Music Contest:

“Let the Music talk, let the Rhythm Play and Let the World Know What the Youth Have to Say!”


Rio+20 GYMC CD:

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Teenage Rockstar/Global Rockstar – a company based in Vienna who partnered with IAAI regarding technical aspects and music management aspects of Rio+20 GYMC – is offering a Rio+20 GYMC CD with a selection of 20 songs from the competition. Pre-orders can be placed here:

I US$ of each purchased CD will be donated to IAAI for implementation of next round of Global Youth Music Contest and implementation of Rio+20 outcomes.

You are encouraged to order the CD as this CD documents Rio+20 GYMC as a milestone of innovative global youth culture.

Next steps:

– IAAI organizes a Side event at Rio+20 conference which will also be used for planning of action oriented next round of GYMC (there will be developed a Global Citizenship/Global Social Responsibility voluntary commitments initiative and linked with Volunteer Action Counts and other initiatives like e.g. Starts With You (to be confirmed)) 14 June 2012 in Rio.

Individuals and representatives of youth organizations/networks, etc. interested to get involved in GYMC coordination are welcome to join us at the event or to express interest to get involved by sending an email to office @ .

Title:                    Rio+20 15/15/15 Formula – Heartpower and Action for The Future We Want
Date & Time Slot:
14 Jun 2012, 09:30 – 11:00; Venue: T-4 (RioCentro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

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15/15/15 UN Civil Society Resource Mobilization Partnership Formula’ states that Global civil society on the one hand commits at Rio+20 to mobilize 15 billion Euros and 15 million volunteers by the year 2015 for UN led sustainable development efforts and on the other hand requests new forms of participation in global SD governance.

For more details see

IAAI has submitted ‘15/15/15 UN Civil Society Resource Mobilization Partnership’ proposal to Rio+20 Dialogues hoping to get it adopted and communicated as global Civil Society recommendation to the official Rio+20 negotiations. This would give the next round of “Global Youth Music Contest” a very strong foundation and high motivation for young people to get involved!


You are kindly invited to support 15/15/15 recommendation in the context of Rio+20 dialogues:

Thank you for your support!

Jean Paul, Anam and Miro

Rio+20 Global Youth Music Contest coordination team at IAAI


Info about IAAI:

International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges – is a not-for profit private association, which has been established under Austrian law of associations by an international group of scientists, science managers and futures studies experts in April 2007. IAAI seat is in Klagenfurt/Austria. IAAI main objective is to explore and promote systemic innovation regarding resource mobilization of global civil society for effective global governance in support of the work of United Nation System.

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