GroupPhoto Cop21 Youth Media Workshop UNESCO 24April2015

GroupPhoto Cop21 Youth Media Workshop UNESCO 24April2015

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COP21 Youth and Media Alliance Building Workshop

organized by
–  International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges, (IAAI) and
– UNESCO – Management of Social Transformation Programme (MOST)

on Friday, 24th of April 2015, 9.00-13.00 at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris

The workshop aims:

  1. to connect different stakeholders working on the preparation for COP21 (in the broader context of the post-2015 agenda) focusing in particular on social mobilization through art, music, social innovation and media partnerships,
  2. to offer an informal forum for cross-sectoral coordination in order to map out a series of specific projects to be brought to fruition in Paris in December 2015 and
  3. to inspire innovative strategic partnerships between UN system and public service media in France and worldwide with regard to COP21 
  4. to present the plan of IAAI and UNESCO MOST to organize a multilingual globally broadcasted TV show –with the “2015 Global Challenges Youth Music Contest Award Ceremony” at its core – during COP21

More information in the attached documents.

Link to videos on demand of presentations and discussion:

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