Briefing and Panel Discussion “Global Challenges Giving Pledge Conference 2016” at UN HQ in NY



Global Challenges Giving Pledge Conference 2016

Resource Mobilization Leadership for Knowledge Based Youth Led Multistakeholder post2015 Agenda Implementation Action


Briefing and Panel Discussion held at the Fringes of 2015 UN ECOSOC Annual Partnerships Forum
“The Role of Partnerships in achieving the Post-2015 Development Agenda: Making it Happen”

Date and Venue: 28 May 2015 1:15-2.30 pm; United Nations Headquarters New York, Conference Room 7

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Background and Aim of the Event:


The Global Challenges Giving Pledge Conference 2016 – will be held in Klagenfurt/Austria in June 2016. The initiators of the conference aim to provide with this event a point of crystallization for large scale resource mobilization for the development of a coherent set of essential information and communication technology infrastructure, accompanying research and capacity building programs for large scale multistakeholder engagement in post 2015 agenda with a particular focus on youth and local communities (see summary reports on respective WWW2015 & IAAI side events to post2015 negotiations: (Stocktaking session) & (Session on SDGs and Targets).

The conceptual framework for the initiative has been developed by International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges (IAAI) – an UN ECOSOC accredited civil society organization based in Klagenfurt (Austria) in the framework of Global Challenges (GloCha) Action Network/Partnership in cooperation with members of the World We Want 2015 Policy and Strategy Group (PSG). The social momentum to achieve the fundraising targets shall be generated through 2015 Global Challenges Youth Music Contest (GYMC) and a globally broadcasted GYMC Sustainability TV Show during COP21 in December 2015 in Paris (more info:

With the “Global Challenges Giving Pledge Conference” Briefing and Panel Discussion the organizers aim to contribute to the success of ECOSOC Partnership Forum and to “bring fresh ideas and new thinking on ways in which multi-stakeholder partnerships can support the implementation of the Post-2015 development agenda” by:

  1. highlight the need for investment in Knowledge Collaboration and Information and Communication Technology Infrastructure as precondition for effective Multistakeholder engagement in post2015 agenda
  2. present entry points for a new generation of global philanthropy leaders (from “The Giving Pledge” to “The Global Challenges Giving Pledge“).
  3. discuss with Member States and UN system representatives what needs to be done within UN system in order to provide an enabling environment for youth led multistakeholder action and innovative resource mobilization in the context of post2015 agenda


Moderator and Introductory Remarks:     Miroslav Polzer, International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges (IAAI) @glocha_mp         



      Michael Mullane, European Broadcasting Union, head of Eurovision Social Media @mikemullane

     Jordan Brown, crowdfunding, executive account manager@razoo

      Ras Mubarak, CEO of National Youth Authority of Ghana @youth_ghana

   Eliane Sussman, Global Sustainability Foundation (GSF), director of Programming @ElianeSussman

–    Ravi Karkara, WorldWeWant2015 PSG co-chair @ravikarka


For more background informtion see:


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