2nd Int Conference “SDGs Implementation in Lake Chad Basin Region”, N’Djamena /Chad, 29 & 30 April 2019



2nd International Conference

 Sustainable Development Goals Implementation in Lake Chad Basin Region

Delivering Action and Impact with Social and Technological Innovation



Date:     29-30 of April 2019

Venue:  Radisson Blu N’Djamena, N’Djamena, Chad



The Lake Chad basin region is one of the most challenging places on earth regarding implementation of sustainable development goals/Agenda2030. Due to climate change, armed conflicts, refugee crises and several other factors the situation in this region in the heart of Africa is often being referred to as one of the most severe and most complex humanitarian emergencies in the world.

Delivering sustainable development here and not leaving anybody behind – as global community has set as a common goal in Agenda2030 – is beyond the capacity of public authorities servicing the region.

The challenge therefore is :

     on the one hand to deploy innovative multistakeholder partnerships – social innovation – which engage public authorities, private sector, NGOs as well as concerned individual citizens domestically and from abroad towards sustainable development goals implementation in the Lake Chad basin region in line with Agenda2030.

     on the other hand there is an urgent need to bring to the people of Lake Chad Basin Region the benefits of modern technological innovation, like e.g. in renewable energy technology, sustainable water management, information and communication technology etc. and

     third there is a need to bring through innovative educational approaches the knowledge and skills to the (young) people in Lake Chad Basin region that are needed to harness innovation potentials.

The organizers of the conference are coming to N’Djamena to present some high impact solutions in the fields of e-learning, e-health, water management, sustainable energy entrepreneurship and resource mobilization, aiming to weave them into innovative multistakeholder SDG delivery mechanisms with local partners and aligned with goals and programs of international development partners.

The conference is a follow-up to the 1st conference, held in New York at the premises of the African Union Permanent Observer Mission to the United Nations  in September 2018, at which ambassadors of all Lake Chad Basin countries expressed support for this action and opportunities oriented approach to the development challenges in Lake Chad Basin.

Thematic Focus of the conference – Technology, Partnerships and Resources

  •       e-Learning and e-Health solutions based on satellite communications technology (video on demand of presentation of Tihomir Divjak at 1st SDGs Implementation in LCB conference in NY)
  •       sustainable water management (e.g. ground breaking atmospheric water generation technology solutions of WaterGenUSA and innovative resource mobilization for water projects by AlNajat)
  •       entrepreneurship capacity building in the context of international climate action and energy transition finance (like e.g. the World Bank 200 billion $ climate finance pledge presented at COP24, Green Climate Fund, Global Environment Facility, green bonds, voluntary carbon offset mechanisms, etc.) with a focus on enabling technologies like digital finance innovation

DRAFT AGENDA (as of 17 April 2019)

Monday, 29 April 2019

9.00 – 10.30  Welcome Session – Presentation of our Vision: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities!

                     Moderator: Dr Ibrahim Umar Modibbo, Permanent Mission of Nigeria to the UN in NY

  • H.E. Mrs Hinda Deby Itno, First Lady of the Republic of Chad
  • H.E. Amb Mamman Nuhu, Executive Secretary of the Lake Chad Basin Commission
  • H.E. Sidick Abdelkerim Haggar, Minister of the Environment of Chad
  • HE Amina J. Mohammed, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations – video message (to be confirmed)
  • HE Fatima Kyari Mohammed, Ambassador, Permanent Observer Mission of the African Union to the UN in NY – video message
  • Dr Dairou Sidiki, Association la Plume pour la Culture et le Développement (APCD)
  • Jaber Al-Wandah, Deputy General Manager, AlNajat Charity Organization
  • Welcome Remarks of Ministers and Ambassadors

10.30 – 11.00 Photo Session

11.00 – 12.30 Introductory Session:

  Where do we stand? Stakeholders – Needs and Potentials – Programs and Challenges

  Moderator: H.E. Ambassador Mohamed El Nokaly, Retired Ambassador of Egypt

–  H.E. Amb Mamman Nuhu, executive secretary of the Lake Chad Basin Commission
   The AU/LCBC Regional Strategy for the Stabilization, Recovery and Resilience of the Boko Haram-affected Areas of the Lake Chad Basin – LCBC
–  Mr. Boubakari Mana, technical director of the Lake Chad Basin Commission 
   Sustainable Development Goals Implementation in Lake Chad Basin Region and the Role of Innovation –
   Perspectives of the Lake Chad Basin Commission
–  Dr Dairou Sidiki, Association la Plume pour la Culture et le Développent (APCD)
   Civil Society Organizations as Partners and Solutions Providers for Innovative SDGs Implementation and Internationalization in LCB:
   Presentation of the Solutions Portfolio and Success Stories of APCD
–  Hon. Mr. Issa Mardo Djabir, focal point for the SDGs in the parliament of the Republic of Chad
   Creating an Enabling Environment for Innovative SDG Implementation –
   Perspectives from the National Parliament of the Republic of Chad
–  Hawa Diallo, UN Department for Global Communication
   Harnessing the Potentials of Non-Governmental Organizations for SDGs Implementation in Africa

12.30 – 13.00 Discussion

13.00 – 14.00 Lunch

14.00 – 15.30 Solutions Session 1:

                  Satellite Based Internet Access and Pilot Projects in the Field of eLearning, eHealth & Water Management

         Moderator: Hon. Mr. Issa Mardo Djabir, SDG focal point, Parliament of the Republic of Chad

–  Tihomir Divjak, APCD Coordinator for Satellite Communications Technology
   Presentation of the Rationale and the Technological Concept of AELEHSP (Africa – eLearning – eHealth – Satellite – Project)
–  Kristijan Lepešić, Media HUB Vice President

   Detailed Presentation of the AELEHSP (Africa – eLearning – eHealth – Satellite – Project) and EU/EC Cooperation Potentials

–  Milivoje Ostojić, Adviser at Crony

   Presentation of the Consortium NUCLEUS and signing of MoU

STN                     (Video presentation)

Eutelsat               (Video presentation)

Newtec                (Video presentation)     

Crony                   Milivoje Ostojić

Media HUB          Kristijan Lepešić

APCD                  Dr. Dairou SIDIKI

Alnajat                 Dr. Jaber Alwandah

IAAI GloCha        Dr. Miroslav Polzer

–  Tihomir Divjak, APCD Coordinator for Satellite Communications Technology

    Proposals for Concrete Future Actions and Cooperation

16.00 – 18.00 Side Events

Tuesday, 30 April 2019


09.00 – 10.30   Solutions Session 2:

                        Sustainable Water Management, Sustainable Energy Entrepreneurship and Digital Finance

                        Moderator: Dr Miroslav Polzer, Executive director, IAAI GloCha

– Abderamane SAIDOU, expert at LCBC & Mr. Rohlatti NDARA expert at LCBC in water policy and coordination
   Sustainable water management in Lake Chad Basin Region: Presentation of the LCBC water charter and
   Water allocation management policy in the Lake Chad
– Yassine Ahmat Assafo, climate change expert, Ministry of Environment, Water & Fisheries of Chad
  Sustainable Water Management in Chad
– Gregor Novak, SunContract, Slovenia (video conference)
  Innovative international financing for renewable energy and other SDG projects with digital finance
– Juan Elias Chebly, Lead Adviser at United Nations Environment Programme, NYC Office (video conference)
  Sustainable Digital Finance – UN Environment’s perspectives and Partnership Opportunities
– Dr. Abba Mohamed Djimet, University of Maiduguri
  The use of economic trees in the stabilization of Dunes – University of Maiduguri
10.30 – 11.00   Coffee/Tea Break

11.00 – 12.30   Multistakeholder Engagement/Partnership Session: Necessity for closer and concrete cooperation

                           Moderator: Dr. Dairou Youssouf Sidiki, Association la plume pour la culture et le Developpement

– Dr. Jaber Alwandah, Deputy manager of the Kuwaiti NGO Alnajat
  Alnajat partnership and fund rising model for sustainable development – Takhayyal project case
– FAYCAL Abdel Kerim Gardia, Point Focal Opérationnel GEF Chad & Adamou Bouhari, Task Manager Biodiversity/ Land Degradation, UN Environment (UNEP), West Africa Sub-Regional Office Abidjan
  The Global Environment Facility – Your Partner in Sustainable Development Goals Implementation
– N.N., Delegation of the European Union to Chad
  The European Union as an Innovation Friendly Partner for Sustainable Development Goals Implementation in Lake Chad Basin Region
– Belinda Biscoe, VicePresident for Outreach, University of Oklahoma
  A Model to Build Capacity for Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships
– Mr Billa Mohamed, expert modeler
  Case Study: Community Involvement in the provision of Climate Data – Case Study of Kinkin Community in Chad
– Dupuy Emmanuel, President of Institute prospective et securite en Europe (www.institut-ipse.eu)
  The importance of an strategic partnership between local NGOs and Governments for the stabilization of the region through SDGs initiatives
– Director CCF or OFI French Embassy in Chad
  Role of Francophonie for Lake Chad Basin,
– Luis Aleman, LFA Holdings, USA
  Financing Innovation through Official Development Assistance
12.30 – 13.00      Closing Session – Concluding observations, remarks and action recommendations

               Moderator: Dr Ibrahim Umar Modibbo



LCBC:  sdgconference @ cblt.org

Dr. Dairou Sidiki, President, APCD, drsidiki @ gmail.com

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