Call for Papers: SDGs Implementation in Lake Chad Basin Region: Climate Action & Innovation – 5&6 August 2019, UN HQ NY

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Sustainable Development Goals Implementation in Lake Chad Basin Region

UN System and Non-State Actors Exploring New Ways of Cooperation in Times of Climate Change

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Date:      5 – 6 August 2019

Venue:   United Nations Headquarters, New York City




The Lake Chad Basin Region is one of the most challenging places on earth regarding implementation of sustainable development goals (United Nation’s Agenda2030 and African Union’s Agenda 2063). The present humanitarian crisis in the region is one of the biggest and most complex in the world (UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs). However, it is not only the scale of the current humanitarian crisis that requires it to be placed very high on the global agenda, but also the nature and dynamics of the crisis have placed it on the intersection of fragile governance structures, ecosystems degradation and resource stresses caused by climate change (The Intersection of Global Fragility and Climate Risks).

Existing efforts and resources from local, national, regional and international authorities are not sufficient to deliver effective and sustainable responses to the climate crisis (SDG 13). Therefore, there is a strong need to explore new ways of cooperation between public authorities and non-state actors in the region to bring new ideas, new technologies and the necessary financial resources to the people of the Lake Chad Basin region in line with global sustainable development goals.

Facilitating this kind of action and impact oriented innovation is the main goal of the international conference series “Sustainable Development Goals Implementation in Lake Chad Basin Region” which has been launched in September 2018 under the leadership of the Nigerian Permanent Mission to the UN in New York in cooperation with the Permanent Missions of Cameroon, Niger and Chad to the UN, the African Union Observer Mission, regional civil society and NGO partners from Lake Chad basin region and Europe. A second conference was held in N’Djamena in April 2019 in collaboration with the Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) which came up with the formation of Lake Chad Basin Civil society forum as one of its key outcomes.

With a view to the fact that Nigeria is holding the presidency of the United Nations General Assembly during its 74th session (beginning in September 2019), special consideration will be devoted to exploring innovative approaches on how the UN system can deliver in a knowledge and data based manner sustainable development action and impact in the Lake Chad basin region in cooperation with traditional and non-state partners.

Thematic Focus of the Conference –
Climate Action, Technology, Innovation, Partnerships and Resources
  •          Understanding and addressing climate-related security risks
  •           Facilitating (in cooperation with Lake Chad Basin Commission and national governments) multistakeholder engagement in SDGs implementation in the Lake Chad Basin region (e.g. universities, civil society organizations, private sector, ..)
  •         Deployment of technological and business Innovations (e.g. e-Learning, e-Health, satellite communications technology, atmospheric water generation, aquaponics) in Lake Chad Basin region
  •          Innovative resource mobilization (accessing international climate finance and global philanthropy resources for SDGs implementation in the Lake Chad basin region)
  •          Strengthening the knowledge base for SDGs implementation in Lake Chad Basin region (e.g. through cooperation with universities, data providers, ..)

Call for Papers

In order to open up the innovation and action space, the conference organizers are calling for papers from humanitarian and development agencies, academics and practitioners from around the world to submit new ideas on how the international community, state and non-state actors (NGOs, civil society, social entrepreneurs, private sector, philanthropies etc.) can work together to foster the implementation of the SDGs in Lake Chad Basin region.

Link to the Paper Submission Form:

Please note that the organizers of the conference are not going to provide financial support for travel or accommodation costs reimbursement to speakers of the conference.


Dr. Ibrahim Umar Modibbo, Permanent Mission of Nigeria to the UN in NY, lakechadsdgs (at)
Dr. Miroslav Polzer, IAAI GloCha, polzer (at)

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