IAAI GloCha and partners are delighted to invite you to join us for our GloCha, ACE_AT and DigitalArt4Climate events and activities

5th November

8th November 

10th November 

11th November 

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Events, dates and links:

·        Join the Public Voting to identify the winner of the DigitalArt4Climate COP26 Collection (open till 9th of November 2021)

·        Learn about new visions for the Future of All of Society Action for Climate Empowerment at our official COP26 side event (5th of November 20201 11.30 -12.45, virtual participation only), co-organizers: IAAIGlobal Youth Development Institute, University of Saskatchevan/MECCE projectCliMates)

·        Listen to Young People’s Perspectives on the Climate Crisis and COP26 at our official COP26 press conference “Youth Climate Action Innovation” (5th November 2021, 12.30 – 13.00, Press Conference Room Durdle Door)

·        Explore new ideas for youth focused Action for Climate Empowerment with young climate action leaders and innovation leaders at the UN Climate Change Global Innovation Hub (5th November, 16.00-17.00, live webcast on UN CC Youtube channel)

·        Join us in celebration of Non-Party Stakeholders’ Climate Action at the ACE reception and DigitalArt4Climate COP26 collection presentation at the UNFCCC pavilion, co-hosted by non-party stakeholder partners of the ACE_AT project IAAIECOS and ICLEI, co-sponsored by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action (COP26 Blue Zone, Hall D, 5th November 6.30 – 8.30 PM, the presentation part of the event will be broadcasted on the IAAI GloCha youtube channel)

·        Join us at the UNFCCC COP26 Capacity Building Hub for our IAAI ACE_AT workshop on the UNFCCC Bodies, Entities, & Processes Day | 3rd Capacity-building Hub (8th November, 8.00-9.00, webcast on UN Paris Committe on Capacity Building  Youtube Channel)

·        Watch our youth event “With Youth, Culture & Digital Innovation Towards Climate Resilient, Carbon Neutral Cities & Citizens“ at the UK COP26 Presidency pavilion (8th of November, 15.30 – 16.15,with live webcast on UK government Youtube Channel)

·        Join us for our conversation on Systems Change and the Role of Digital Innovation, organized by the Climate Chain Coalition in collaboration with the UN Climate Change Global Innovation Hub (9th of November, 11.00-12.00, UNFCCC Pavilion with webcast on UN CC Youtube channel)

·        Learn about members of the Climate Chain Coalition /Digital Innovation Community and their solutions for enhanced global climate action at the CCC/Digital Innovation Press conference (9th of November, 12.30-13.00, Press Conference Room Durdle Door)

·        Join us for our ACE_AT & GloCha press conference in which we will present IAAI/GloCha solutions for innovative resource mobilization for ACE, developed within the ACE_AT project and announce the formation of the United Citizens Organization for Action for Climate Empowerment (10th of November 12:30 – 13:00, live broadcast on UN CC COP26 platform)

·        Join the presentation of the winners of the DigitalArt4Climate COP26 art competition, learn about our partnership with ArtsHelp in the context of the Conscious Crypto Creators programme and learn how to claim your free DigitalArt4Climate Global Angel NFT at a special DigitalArt4Climate press conference (11th of November, 12.30 – 13.00, live broadcast on UN CC COP26 platform)

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