United Citizens Organization – A Decentralised Solution for Youth Led Climate Action

On Wednesday 10th November 2021, GloCha (Global Challenges Action Empowerment Consortium) launched United Citizens Organization (UCO), a quasi-international organization aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) offering a decentralised and blockchain based solution to empower and deliver youth led climate action.

Launched at COP26, UCO is rooted in the Action for Climate Empowerment Innovation Project, or ACE_AT. The purpose of this organisation is to build a bridge between the public and private sector and allow more equitable and efficient resource mobilisation for young climate activists across the globe, empowering them and giving them a better opportunity to put their ideas into action.

Founded by Miroslav Polzer, CEO of IAAI, the organisation is an accredited Observer of the UNFCCC and in the true spirit of SDG17 brings together a wide range of partners from both the public and private sectors including UN Habitat YouthClimate Chain Coalition (CCC)Global Youth Development Institute (GYDI)Education Communication and Outreach Stakeholder (ECOS), PHGG, APCD Chad, Arts Help, Unique NetworkThe Oblique LifeCoinTelegraphThe UCO’s roadmap has set ambitious targets for 2022, including publication of a white paper in late February 2022, development of a blockchain based Decentralised Autonomous Organization (DAO) and marketplace and a series of climate action awareness events across the world with Digital Art for Climate.


Press Conference from COP26 Glasgow

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